Custom Wardrobes

Naturalness, symmetry, versatility, and illumination are qualities that are easily achieved from the value and balanced proposals that our Uecko professional services carry out.

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Custom Uecko Wardrobess

Space customization in its purest form

Wardrobes represent an essential part of our home, which must be carefully cared for and merged with the environment, so that it is aesthetically integrated into the room.

Therefore, if something differentiates us, it is the variety of models and adaptability of our custom wardrobes, to make it easier for you to choose the design and functionality of the piece.

Our technical and creative department raises the personalized and unique prototypes that will later end up being the definitive model. At Uecko, you can find everything from sliding to hinged doors. Innovative and personalized proposals, where each model is unique.

We are committed to quality materials, with models with refined lines to turn the client’s project into an incomparable space.

Custom wardrobes

Premium range


Custom Wardrobes with

Sliding Doors


Custom Wardrobes with

Hinged Doors


Customize the Interiors of your wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe

Configure your custom wardrobe with the maximum use to give order to your clothes and accessories, creating beautiful and practical spaces at the same time.

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