In Uecko, we have spend almost 30 years in love with our profession

Experience and innovation allow us to design customized solutions for each project

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Wood, our true passion

We’re fortunate enough to have spent almost 30 years dedicating ourselves to our true passion: wood and its infinite possibilities. In this time, we’ve developed our own style and turned the top quality, exclusive design and functionality of our furniture into our hallmarks.

Thanks to our love and respect for our main raw material, wood, we create elegant, sustainable compositions and, most importantly, ones that are perfect for achieving the atmosphere you have in mind for your space. Our technical team and interior designers come up with the best designs while respecting this noble material to offer products of the highest quality and functionality without compromising on the latest trends.

Our company philosophy is based on our most representative values: flexibility, service, quality, innovation and passion. This makes us the best support for our distributors and specialised stores, but also for architects, decorators, interior designers, exclusive promoters…

The vision granted by experience, our commitment to innovation and our team of specialists allow us to design customised solutions for each project and guarantee all our models for five years. This makes us one of the leading companies in the sector both in Spain and abroad and a benchmark in the luxury wardrobe and walk-in wardrobe market.