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Premium range

Coplanar, Custom Sliding Doors Premium Range Wardrobe

Its main characteristic is that the doors are perfectly aligned and you can choose its minimum profile in anodized aluminum or different lacquers. Thanks to the quality of its hardware and its magnetic brake, it allows large doors to be made (up to 1600 mm wide). Its great resistance and durability have been tested and proven in 100,000 cycles.

  • For large doors

  • Tested and proven in 100,000 cycles: great resistance and durability

  • The doors are lined up

  • Allows doors up to 1600 mm. Wide

  • Minimal profile, available in silver anodized or lacquered

Customize the Interiors of your wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe

Configure your custom wardrobe with the maximum use to give order to your clothes and accessories, creating beautiful and practical spaces at the same time.

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